Rainy weather

With all the rain we've been having lately the trees & bush in the back yard (I think it's a bougainvillea. The bush.  Not the tree.) have been budding.


Thin Mints


Today I bought Girl Scout cookies from my sister.  I hate Thin Mints.  These are for Sean & the girls.



There was a tiny bug flying outside the arcadia door that Piper was determined to catch.  She tried for about 10 minutes, left for a bit, then came back to try again!  She had such concentration.  If only 3 girls I know would have the same for, say, cleaning their bathroom.


Does she think she's a dog?

Piper always drinks from the dog's water dish and when she does, she lays down and sticks her head in the bowl to drink.  She's just so weird.


Red, red rose

R got a rose from a friend for Valentine's Day.  She wanted to see how long it would take for it to get black.  She got tired of waiting.