Sometimes when ET sleeps....

she covers her face.

It's really very weird.


Hives. And we're not talking about the bee kind here.

This morning S woke up with hives on her back.  They were mostly on her right shoulder and arm and she wouldn't stop itching them.

We're not sure what they're from, so we've had to do some investigating.  {As of tonight, we still don't know what caused them.}  

She's convinced she got eaten up by bed bugs.

But has she washed all of her bedding as she sat home all day???



Catch the Wave

I have to work all week (read about it here) and this was on a table out in the shop.  It looks like something one of the guys was experimenting with.

I just liked the way it looked.  Especially at this angle.


The Shoes

These are S's shoes that R wore to her Promotion Dance.  They were all the talk amongst her girlfriends.


8th Grade Promotion Dance

The middle school no longer has an 8th Grade Graduation.  They feel it takes away from the kids appreciating their high school graduation.

Crazy, I know.  But, it is what it is.

Instead they have a Promotion Dance.  Tonight was the dance and naturally I had to take some pictures.

S let her borrow a funky pair of heels, to counter balance the plain dress, and did her hair and make-up.  Poor thing is so skinny, all she could find that came close to fitting, was a plain black dress!

And although she is looking down in the shot, there is something about it I really love.  

I'm sure she will hate it.

You can see a few more of her Promotion Dance pictures here.


From Helen

It's not everyday you get a partridge in a pear tree.

In May!


In Formation

While we waited for R to find out if she made the cheer squad, (she did!!) D and I went to the park just down the road from the high school to feed the baby ducks.

This mama duck made sure she kept her little ones in line!

Sadly, I think she lost one because when I was here last week, she had 4 ducklings.  :(



There.  I said it for you.  I'm a Dweeb.

I hate having portraits of me done.  I always look horrible.  But I don't look too bad here (maybe it was the photographer!)

Plus, I think my hair looks good...



We have a rule in our family that all bugs must be squashed.  Except lady bugs.  D found this poor guy in the pool and saved him.  (She established, with an air of authority, that because it was more orange then red, it was a male lady bug!)  His wings got wet, and he was drying them in the wind so he could fly back home.


Little Dandy Lions

These dandelions were only about 3" tall.  I had to lay on the ground to get this angle.  

Afterward, I was itchy.



I had no clue how an underwater portrait would look, so I had D pose for me.  It looks so funny!  I had a good chuckle when I downloaded it off my camera.  It kinda reminds me of a Picasso.


Decisions, decisions

Totally unimportant dilemma of the day ~ should I paint my toe nails Luxury Lime Creme?