I lost my marbles....

Thankfully S found them....


Fine Art Gallery

If you saw my Picture of the Day from Monday, you saw a sample of the scroll work I wanted to frame for our customer lounge and showroom at work.

Yesterday, I got them framed and hung.  (And if I don't say so myself, they look pretty good.) Before I hung them I had them leaning against the front of Levi's desk. Our Production Manager, Bob, came in and said they look really cool and he wants some for his living room. I told him if he got the frames, I'd be more than happy to take the pictures and print them for him.  A few minutes later, Levi comes in and I asked him where we should hang my art.

He says; "On my living room wall."!

(Click here to see a close up sample of one of the scrolls.)


Artsy Fartsy

We need to dress up our new showroom and customer lounge. So I took some pictures of scrollwork to frame as art throughout the office.

Another awesome sunset

I love this time of year....



This time of year Arizona has some of the most spectacular sunsets.

But driving west between 6 & 6:30pm is a real bitch.



One of our local grocery stores, Albertson's, is having a Monopoly game contest. Similar to the one McDonald's does, you collect game pieces each time you purchase groceries. Sean's been collecting them for awhile now, and had quite a few to go through. He, R & D spread out on the living room floor and the girls helped find the pieces needed to win some big prizes and money.

He's pretty much one game piece short on winning anything!


Counting the days

Until these end up like these....


Because I can

And let's face it, they do look pretty cool.

(Do you see the tiny smudge of an airplane?)


Gila Woodpecker

This is the first time I've seen a Gila Woodpecker.  I had to Google what it was!

It's a pretty cool looking bird with it's black and white striped back and bright red spot on it's head.

I took this through the back door, and realized after the first shot, maybe taking a photo through the screen isn't the best idea.



I need to get back into taking a picture a day.  Well, I do take a picture every day (actually several pictures some days), but I've been slacking on posting them.

This is a neat looking piece of iron casting we were going to use to decorate the door opening in our customer lounge at work. It never quite worked out, so it's been sitting on a table for the past three months.

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