Call me crazy, but I love the glow from my dashboard lights.

I think it's the neon green.

On a side note, check out the miles on this baby!

And I need to get gas....


POKEY!! Goes to work.

Pokey got to ride into work with me in a company truck.  He was embarrassed to have his picture taken inside the cab because the guys have been driving it.

Guys + work truck = very dirty = pictures taken only of the outside

'Nough said.


Sand Sculptures

More cool sculptures from inside the Phoenix Convention Center.

Sand sculptures of people in the "water", piglets, and saguaros.  It's weird & intriguing.

See full art piece here


Glass eyed man

In the North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center, they have these 2 really cool glass sculptures that are statues of a man and are filled with all kinds of blown glass what-nots.  This is just a small portion of the sculptures inside the sculpture.  They're definitely a feast to the eye. 

See a full view of the art piece here.


Misc Sportfisher

Gumby came to work with me today and was hanging out on the tackle box.

Which doesn't hold fishing tackle, it has all the re-key tools in it.


Chinese for lunch

I always carry a pair of chop sticks in my purse because Chinese food just does not taste the same when eaten with a fork.

My co-workers think I'm weird....