This morning Piper was playing with/in a shipping box I had by my desk.  After a few minutes, she laid in it to rest in the sun.



Today Savvy cleaned her room and got rid of a bunch of clothes she no longer wears.  Among them was a sweatshirt from a rival high school.  (How she ended up with it is a mystery.) Roo put it on with an old knit cap, and pajama pants, made a cardboard sign, and had me go out to the curb with my camera to take pictures.  She said this is what happens to the kids who graduate from the rival high school; they become crazy homeless people with only their pets for friends.

She is so weird....



Cannon relaxes in the sun while I work in my garden.



Meet Barney.  He's a money bank I've had for over 25 years.  I have no clue where he came from, but I've always loved him because he had a piece of string for a collar and he was a DOG bank.  

No regular piggy bank for me.  No sirree, Bob.

The plastic plug in the bottom broke several years ago, so now all my loose change is held in by duct tape!  I think he is now old enough to qualify as a vintage money bank.  

There is a copyright stamp on the bottom that says Thrifti Check Serv. Corp 100 Park Ave NY, which leads me to think that possibly he came from a bank.  Maybe as a give-away when you open an account. I tried a Google search on the company, but came up blank.

But none of that matters.  Only thing that matters is that Barney has lasted all these years in keeping my change safe.


All in a day's work....

What my finger looks like the day after moving crap in the backyard. 


Working hard

It got pretty muddy pulling weeds, moving bricks and avoiding ant hills.  You should've seen my shirt and finger nails!!



Since it was raining and I couldn't continue my work in the backyard, I made cupcakes for the girls instead.  

I bought white cake mix to add some color to.  Because, let's face it, colored cupcakes are so much more fun!  

I didn't want to deal with a bunch of dirty dishes, so after filling the cake cups, I added the coloring then swirled some and mixed others.  The color is only at the top, so they look kinda cool when you bite into them.


Happy accident

I took this this morning and it did not come out at all the way I wanted.  So I played around with it in PhotoShop and now it looks like an abandoned backyard!!  I should've knocked over a chair, then it would've looked truly abandoned!


Jump in!

Outside temp ~ 73 degrees.  Pool temp ~ 63 degrees.

Nope.  Still not warm enough for me to get in!!



We've all been sick, so today I went out by the pool to get some sun and take some photos while Cannon joined me.  It felt so good to be laying in the warm sun, I took Cannon's cue & had me a nice 45 minute nap on the ground beside the pool!


Abandoned landmark

Minder Binder's used to be the restaurant/bar for college kids to hang out & listen to local bands.  They would also have well known recording artists such as Hole, Varuca Salt & Suicidal Tendencies play on either the outdoor stage or the upper floor stage.

Minder Binder's was well known for their penny draft night,  it's very eclectic decor of wall to wall antiques, an elephant woman with huge boobs on the lady's room door, another elephant man with a huge penis on the men's room door & a trough urinal in the men's room.  
I was with Savvy when I took this picture.  As we were getting ready to leave a caretaker showed up & was doing some work inside.  We really wanted to take a look inside, but he was just a little creepy, so we decided to leave.  Now I kinda wish we'd asked to take a peek inside the door at some of the infamous antiques.  And maybe one of the bathroom doors!

Unfortunately in 2006 it was sold, closed for renovations, then put up for sale again.  For only $1,800,000, some renovation & updating; this hot spot could be yours!!


Two for One

Today's Picture of the Day is a double feature.  

First is this one, taken for a Flickr group I'm in.  Plus I think it looks cool.  And it's my blog so I can do whatever I want here.  :-P

And then there is this one.  An teeny tiny gift I found on my desk this morning.  Have no idea who put it there or where it came from.  I believe it's from Notme, because that's what each of the girls told me when I asked who put it on my desk.



I have these 3 bottles of wine that were given to me as gifts.  

Except I don't drink wine.  

The Merlot I've had for about 4 years now!  I think I might try cooking with them.


Exit ---->

The view in front of our booth at the home show this weekend.  Being in a football arena when there is no game, is interesting because you're "down on the field".


Oh, how they have grown

I saved most of the shoes the girls wore as babies, all three wore these at one point another. They're my favorites. 

Well, except for the far white ones. I bought them because, isn't every baby supposed to have a pair to eventually bronze? Obviously I never got that far!!

The 3 pair in the center actually went through 4 babies. My niece , Lacey, also wore them!

And, yes. I put my girls in jellies!!


Log book


This used to be Dad's.  Story goes that he & Grandpa used to use it when they did logging to figure out about how much lumber they could get from a certain sized log.   But then again, I could have dreamt that & I'm completely wrong.


Survival of the fittest?

This is just so wrong.   That's Cannon's bed Piper is on!



This huge bugger was flying around the house last night.  Roo & Savvy were acting like it was a giant, blood sucking vampire bug.  I told them it was harmless.  That it was a bug that disguises itself to look like a giant mosquito so it can get close enough to one to eat it.  

I think they believed me.  

For about 2 minutes.