The sock troll (otherwise known as Notme & Idontknow)

What is it with socks always disappearing?

I started off last winter with 4 pairs.

This winter; 1 ½ pair....

(only one pair in the pile are mine....)


No wine-ing at the dinner table!

For someone who does not cook, I seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen whenever we have a get-together!  

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Janice's with Mom and Jane, and I wanted to get some good shots of the table & food.  This was the only one that came out decent.

Before they shewed me back into the kitchen!

Just kidding.

But not really.

Devil be Damned

For just about every family gathering, I'm required to make my "famous" deviled eggs.  They're nothing special.  Really.  But the family loves them, so I make them.

And this vintage 1970's egg platter is my favorite to serve them on!


Yum! Dinner!

Drawn by D.  I think it's self explanatory....


Abstract Statue Man

And he's wearing a cloak.  Like something from Harry Potter....



I really miss the days when the girls were toddlers and they'd ask what's for dinner and I'd tell them; "Fish.  So go pick out which one you want from the tank."

It used to be both gross and funny.  Now, they think it's lame....


She ees veddy veddy tall

R was being a willing model (because I let her do some dance poses) and I wanted to experiment with light and shadow.

Plus, when taking a picture while lying on the floor shooting up, everyone looks so much taller!

(All photos of me should be shot at this angle!!


Blah, blah, blah, 6, 10, triangle, blah, blah....


Last month Little Miss Smarty Pants (Roo) took a Geometry test and got 115% on it.  Which means she got every problem correct PLUS the extra credit!  

She is very proud of her accomplishment (as are Sean & I) and insisted we hang it on the fridge.

When I look at this, all I see are random numbers, triangles, squares and blah, blah.

I hope in the future it's more useful to her than my 2 years of Algebra I were for me!!!