Storm Clouds

When I got up this morning I could smell rain in the air.  Looking out the back door. I saw a sky full of clouds and felt the oppressive humidity.

As usual in Arizona, nothing happened.  We just had a miserably hot and humid day.



I've admired her in my Mother-in-law, Novella's, house for years & she recently surprised me by letting me have her!!


The beast will not be satisfied

Until it has consumed all the staples in the house....


I made cupcakes for Fathers' Day

They are sprinkled with red glitter, but this picture makes it look more like they have blood splatter on them!


I'm telling you, this cat is so weird!

Not only does ET like to sleep with her face covered, but occasionally, she also likes to sleep with her head butted up against the chair leg!


I don't know what to call this other than 'Cool!'

I've taken this style of photo before with D & it's always so much fun.  She comes quickly out of the water, throwing her head back so the water splashes over her face & her hair flies out behind her.  At always makes for interesting shots!


The Office

Levi's office that I get to use when I "go to work".  Pretty much because there is no other office for just me!!  It's so small that we can't both use our wireless mice because they interrupt each other.

It makes getting any work done a bitch!



This has no meaning or significance in my life what so ever.  I simply loved the long shadow and bead color.


A Yummy Breakfast

I'm not a big cereal eater, but this is one of my favorites.  And sometimes, I'll eat it for lunch.

Or dinner.


If only I was really this tall & thin

I've always wanted to do one of these shots. I love the look of long shadows...

Especially when it's me that looks taller and thinner!