I love the industrial look of buildings with exposed pipes and tin ceilings. Even the awful florescent lights look cool in the building were our booth was (The Agricultural Building).

The lights also caused this weird green glow on the far wall that only shows up in a photograph. (Maybe it's a ghost!!)


Shiny swirls

Part of the scrolls on a raw door we had at the show. It's one I drew up for a client.  We like to bring at least one raw entry door to the shows, so people can see the craftsmanship and that we do not use fillers or bondo.

I always tell people I have the best job in the company.

And I do!

I get to do what I truly love, drawing and creating.

You can't beat that! (Except for by, maybe, getting paid a whole lot more!)


Home show weekend

All weekend long, I'm at the Arizona State Fairgrounds working our booth for the Home & Landscape Show.

 It's both fun and a pain in the ass.

But I like to look at the positive ~ I get overtime pay, I get to people watch (Oh, so much fun!), and, did I mention, I get overtime pay?

This is a shot of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. We used to have football, baseball and soccer games here, but it's currently used for concerts and Roller Derby!

I had no idea Arizona had a Roller Derby team! They're the Derby Dames.

Who knew?


Cheeseburgers and cherries

Today is Levi's 30th birthday.

As official cupcake baker, I told him last week I'd make him some special ones. He's always saying he doesn't want me to make him cupcakes, he just wants a huge burger.

Then I stumbled across these cheeseburger cupcakes. BINGO! I found the perfect special cupcake for Levi!!

They were fun to make and everyone loved them. Levi said they were "the coolest thing anyone has ever made him in his whole life."  Now that's a compliment!

I also had to get him a little gift. He's always borrowing my nail clippers, and since his last name is Cherry, I wanted to get him his very own personalized clippers. So I went on eBay, found these cute cherry charms, attached to the clipper and wrapped it in cherry paper I printed.  (These are not the actual clippers I gave him. I forgot to take a picture of them & the wrapping paper. These are a mine. The charm came off right after I took the picture.) He loved that, too.

I told him the least his personal assistant could do was to make him cheeseburger cupcakes and get him a gift!

Happy 30th, Bossman!


A Collection (sort of)

I started the morning taking one picture, the carton of eggs, but throughout the day I found a few other interesting things to shoot.

I always check the eggs before putting the carton in my grocery cart, but I somehow missed this huge one! I'm not sure how that happened since it's so much larger than the others.

It was a co-worker's birthday and, because I love doing it, I'm the designated cupcake/cake baker for all birthdays. These aren't all that exciting, but they sure were yummy.  (BTW, all my cakes and frosting I make from scratch. Way better than boxed and canned stuff!)

After work I checked the mail and found a pair of ducks that appear to have taken up residence in one of our courtyards.  I missed getting it, but the female was "wadding" in a puddle in the grass from the sprinklers while her mate kept watch. It was rather adorable.

Then, I got a package in the mail. A few weeks ago I got a postcard from our local electric company, SRP, that offered free CFL light bulbs. I didn't read the postcard that closely (Just enough to know if I went to their website, entered my account number, I got free light bulbs!) so I was surprised when I got SIX bulbs! Who could pass up free and energy saving?



I woke up this morning to find this on my desk....


Best friends

A lovely sight outside our back door.

R saw them in the tree as we were walking up to the house and asked; "Why is that bird on the other one's back?"

She's 15-1/2. 

She knows the "Facts of Life" (and not just that show from the 90's).

She's watched the nature channel.

Yet she still has to ask....

(And, yes. It may seem weird I took a picture of birds mating. But it's not like it was a couple of human's in a tree having sex.

'Cause that would be really weird.

In so many ways.)


Chips in a cup

What better way to make chips with a griller seem fancy?