A Collection (sort of)

I started the morning taking one picture, the carton of eggs, but throughout the day I found a few other interesting things to shoot.

I always check the eggs before putting the carton in my grocery cart, but I somehow missed this huge one! I'm not sure how that happened since it's so much larger than the others.

It was a co-worker's birthday and, because I love doing it, I'm the designated cupcake/cake baker for all birthdays. These aren't all that exciting, but they sure were yummy.  (BTW, all my cakes and frosting I make from scratch. Way better than boxed and canned stuff!)

After work I checked the mail and found a pair of ducks that appear to have taken up residence in one of our courtyards.  I missed getting it, but the female was "wadding" in a puddle in the grass from the sprinklers while her mate kept watch. It was rather adorable.

Then, I got a package in the mail. A few weeks ago I got a postcard from our local electric company, SRP, that offered free CFL light bulbs. I didn't read the postcard that closely (Just enough to know if I went to their website, entered my account number, I got free light bulbs!) so I was surprised when I got SIX bulbs! Who could pass up free and energy saving?


  1. What did you use to "stitch" together the pictures?

  2. It's Frame Magic. Only .99¢!