Cheeseburgers and cherries

Today is Levi's 30th birthday.

As official cupcake baker, I told him last week I'd make him some special ones. He's always saying he doesn't want me to make him cupcakes, he just wants a huge burger.

Then I stumbled across these cheeseburger cupcakes. BINGO! I found the perfect special cupcake for Levi!!

They were fun to make and everyone loved them. Levi said they were "the coolest thing anyone has ever made him in his whole life."  Now that's a compliment!

I also had to get him a little gift. He's always borrowing my nail clippers, and since his last name is Cherry, I wanted to get him his very own personalized clippers. So I went on eBay, found these cute cherry charms, attached to the clipper and wrapped it in cherry paper I printed.  (These are not the actual clippers I gave him. I forgot to take a picture of them & the wrapping paper. These are a mine. The charm came off right after I took the picture.) He loved that, too.

I told him the least his personal assistant could do was to make him cheeseburger cupcakes and get him a gift!

Happy 30th, Bossman!


  1. Very cool burger cupcakes. Very thoughtful gift!

    1. Thanks, Helen. He was still raving about the cheeseburger cupcakes the next day! He thought they were almost too cool to eat, that maybe he'd should shellack a couple to save forever! But he then decided eating them was way better.