31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 21

I think I should've called this series "Almost 31 Days of Sunrises"....


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 20

I didn't get in a walk this morning because R had to be at school by 6:00 for practice.

But I did get a sunrise picture!


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 17

When I woke up this morning at my usual time of 4:15, I didn't really feel like going for a walk and wanted to sleep some more. So I went back to sleep (kinda) then ended getting up at 5:00.

While I was in the bathroom I heard what sounded like rain on the fan vent, and when I looked out the back door, sure enough, it was raining pretty good.

I didn't feel so guilty about not going for my walk....


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 16

I was able to get out for my morning walk this morning, thank goodness. This insanity from the home show is starting to take it's toll....

31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 15

I went into work early again this morning and was lucky enough to capture another awesome sunrise between the palm trees.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 14

I'm not sure what that light is in the upper right. Maybe an airplane. Or a star? I have no clue.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 13

The home show and this past crazy week has put a small crinkle in my 31 Days of Sunrises!

Despite a less than spectacular sunrise, it was so nice to get up and out this morning. There was a nice cool breeze, and that 30 minute walk first thing in the morning really helps get my morning going.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 9

Went into the office at 6am again, and caught the sun rising over the building next door. I'm a little disappointed in how this came out because there were sun rays rising out of the clouds and it looked really awesome.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 7

Not a very exciting sunrise this morning. It was a kinda grey morning.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 6

Because of the tremendous turnout from the home show, I went into the office this morning at 6am to get all the leads into the calendar, as well as take care of my usual Monday morning paperwork. Consequently, I did not go for my morning walk, but did stop in the parking lot next door to get this shot.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 3

This morning's sky had the wow factor of about a 2.5.


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 2

How amazing is this sky??!!

And what was really cool, if you looked to the west, you could see the huge, bright, full moon setting. (Unfortunately my iPhone takes crappy pictures of the moon.)


31 Days of Sunrises ~ Day 1

This morning's sunrise was quite boring....