I love a good read

This weekend has been so dang hot.  Too hot to do more than hang around the air conditioned house.

So I've been catching up on my Jackie Collins novels.

While I sit in front of the fan.


Early bird gets the crumb

This morning I took a walk to our nearby park to feed the ducks and watch the sunrise.

It was Heaven.



I've been getting up early - wait, let me rephrase that - I'm up early every morning, and this week I've been getting out and going for a little walk.

I love the early mornings. It's cool, fairly quiet, and peaceful.

Plus I get to see an amazing sky every morning.



 I finally got the chance to take pictures of fireworks with my DSLR.

The first year I got it, it was too dang hot to sit and watch fireworks, the next year we lived in a house a few miles from the show, so I waited in the back yard to see them and take pictures, but never saw any.

Then finally! This year it was cool with a nice breeze and we got a nice spot along the lake.YEAH!!

You can see all my fireworks photos here.


Fire in the sky

I went for a walk at 5:30 this morning.

It was cool with a nice breeze and the sunrise was amazing.

Split wood

Growing up, my dad had a wood shop above our garage. When we were in our early teens, I designed this bowl and my brother set to work making it. I'm sure Dad gave him a hand, but he did most of it himself.

After he finished it, we joked that we would have to take turns keeping it. So far, my turn has lasted over 20 years!


Sweet red, white, and blue

I was feeling creative today so I decided to bake up some Fourth of July cupcakes to bring to work. 

Out of the oven, they looked so cool with the swirled teardrops on the tops. I almost didn't want to cover them up with frosting!