Today's PotD is another photo montage.  Yesterday morning D & I took a walk to the train tracks behind the house and I decided on an impromptu photo shoot.  Here are the best photos from that shoot.


Cut n' paste

For all the first grade paste eaters out there.  

I know.  It's glue.  Not paste.  I don't have any paste in my house.

**I ate it all**

Just kidding.
I think...


Ooohhh! Sparkly!

A bow that was on one of D's birthday presents.  It was out on the patio table with the sun reflecting on it.

In the pool

Today I thought I'd post a slightly different Photo of the Day.  

Yesterday R & D were goofing around in the pool and wanted me to take some pictures of them jumping off the diving board.  Then I just turned the camera on continuous shooting mode and kept at it.

At one point R told D she shouldn't make ugly faces because I'm going to put the pictures all over the internet!  

Made me laugh.  Partly because it's so true.  And partly because most of the "ugly" faces are R's!!



D turns 12!

Okay.  She turned 12 on Tuesday.  We had a family dinner (Chinese!) and I made her a rainbow cake. Today we threw her a surprise party so extended family and friends could come.

Her Grandma (my Mom) bought her an ice cream cake and we lit candles and sang "Happy Birthday".

I could go on and on about how my youngest is growing up.  How she's almost a teen now and yada, yada, yada.

But I'm not going to.  

She's getting older.  I'm getting older.  And, you , my dear reader, are getting older, too.

It was a good day.

Happy Birthday, Honey!


It's Friday

And Friday is a good day for an adorable cat with a kitten picture.


Sometimes, you just gotta get away from the kids

In this case, it's Piper who needs a break.  She lays on the cool tile when the kittens have full bellies and are sleeping.


You're never too old for playing dress-up

I don't know.  The girls decided to dress up and take a walk down the street with the dog.

What do you expect from 3 kids who name their kittens Couch, Number 7 and Poke??



Sean found this creature in the pool filter this morning.  I tried to do a web search on what it might be, but it was difficult because it's upside down

And I wasn't about to touch it to turn it right side up!


Our excitement for today

From L to R: Poke, Berlioz (which we later learned is a girl), Couch, Peach and Nikon.


I'm at a Tropical Beach Resort

Sometimes, for your own sanity, (and occasionally for others as well) it's good to escape from reality for a bit.  

Today, I was enjoying a tall cool glass of iced tea brought to me poolside by a very good looking shirtless waiter.

Then one of the kids splashed me and I woke up!


Imitation Coins

The edge of a scarf I bought waaay back in 1990.  I used to like how when I wore it, it made light tinkling noises in my ear.  Because I would wrap it around my head like a turban.

Now Savvy wears it.

But not like a turban.

Because in the words of an almost 17 year old; "That is so gay!"



I think the title says it all....


Dragonfly Pin

Mom got this cool blue dragonfly pin for me in the late 80's/early 90's and I used to wear it often.  Now, unfortunately, I don't have much reason to wear it.