Photo Challenge - Day 31 - Fruit

I was going to go more unconventional and take a picture of my fruity kids.

But they were being their usual selves.



Photo Challenge - Day 29 - Light and Dark

I'm surprised at the clarity of the candle considering the slow shutter speed I used and my camera was hand-held.

Photo Challenge - Day 28 - Diagonal


Photo Challenge - Day 25 - Little Things

It's been awhile since Polly and Lulu have been out....




Photo Challenge - Day 20 - What's in Your Purse/Bag?

1. The bag. Faux leather Converse One Star I snagged from my oldest.

2. Tampons

3. Hole punch (don't ask)

4. Extra strength Excedrin

5. Spare packs of gum (I'd hate to run out!)

6. Blistex

7. Lighter

8. Coupon organizer

9. Open pack of gum

10. Mini composition note book

11. Emery board

12. Iphone

13. Wallet

14. Gumby & Pokey

15. Nail clipper

16. Pens

17. Tape measure

18. Chopsticks in a holder I made (Sorry, Mom. Yours was too small & wouldn't stay closed)

19. Hand santizer

20. Allergy tablets for R

21. Bath & Body Works hand lotions

22. Loose dollars that really should be in my wallet, but if they're at the bottom of my bag, I can't find them and spend them!

23. Loose change I was too lazy to put in my wallet

24. Scissors (don't ask)


Photo Challenge - Day 19 - Shoot from Below

Laying on the ground is about as low as you can go....


Photo Challenge - Day 17 - Water

With the AC out in the Police Cab, I've been drinking more of this than ever. (Filtered or bottled. Not straight from the tap.)


Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Time

As I was walking down the street one day  
A man came up to me and asked me  
What the time was that was on my watch, yeah  
And I said

Does anybody really know what time it is? 
Does anybody really care? 
If so I can't imagine why  
We've all got time enough to cry



Photo Challenge - Day 15 - Up

Looking up from our deck at Riley's wind screw, and looking up at our kitchen ceiling (where S stuck stars from D's 13th Star Birthday a year ago).


Photo Challenge - Day 14 - Cool

She's about as cool as they get....


Photo Challenge - Day 13 - Vintage

Two of my most favorite and cherished vintage items ~

Mom's dolly iron and Dad's log book.


Photo Challenge - Day 12 - Mirror

 Okay. So it's 3 mirrors (and a couple of knuckle-heads).



Photo Challenge - Day 11 - Sunlight

This didn't come out quite how I imagined it in my head because I don't really know what I'm doing.

I still have some learning to do.


Photo Challenge - Day 10 - In the Kitchen

My favorite, and very special, lizard tiles.

I need more (hint, hint).


Photo Challenge - Day 9 - Morning

I usually start my day off with half a bagel with a glass of milk, but the Quaker granola cereal is really yummy and the Dean Koontz book is riveting.


Phoyo Challenge - Day 8 - Technology

It's all around us. We use it everyday in one form or another.


Photo Challenge - Day 7 - Clouds

My favorite subject to photograph!


Photo Challenge - Day 6 - Favorite Drink

Milk has been my favorite drink since I was a little girl. I don't drink as much as I used to, just one 8 oz glass every morning with my half a bagle and cream cheese.


Photo Challenge - Day 5 - Reflection

Getting a bubble reflection isn't as easy as it looks.

Especially when your bubble solution has been sitting on the deck in the sun for over a year....


Photo Challenge - Day 4 - My Shoes

These are my most ultimate favorite shoes. At the risk of sounding really corny and crazy, I soooo love them. Just looking at them makes me happy, say nothing about when I wear them....


Photo Challenge - Day 3 - Animal

I like not shooting the obvious....


Photo Challenge - Day 2 - Macro (Close-up)

I was going to take a close-up of a flower, but that's so over done. So I made D be my model because I love taking pictures of her eyes.

Oh, those gorgeous eyes!

And to make the shot even better, an eyelash fell on her cheek!

And she has all those adorable freckles.

(I did get a couple shots where I was reflected in her eye, but I chose this one because of the light in it.)


Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Self Portrait

Okay. Day one of my Photo a Day Challenge.

I started off with the toughest.  (As my Mother-in-Law says, "Eat the frog first.") Self portraits are so hard for me. I can never get a good shot of myself.

I used my iPhone for this shot, and took my glasses off to avoid the glare on them. Consequently, I couldn't really see what I was doing!

It's not easy to take a self portrait when everything you look at is blurry, hence my slightly confused look!