Photo Challenge - Day 20 - What's in Your Purse/Bag?

1. The bag. Faux leather Converse One Star I snagged from my oldest.

2. Tampons

3. Hole punch (don't ask)

4. Extra strength Excedrin

5. Spare packs of gum (I'd hate to run out!)

6. Blistex

7. Lighter

8. Coupon organizer

9. Open pack of gum

10. Mini composition note book

11. Emery board

12. Iphone

13. Wallet

14. Gumby & Pokey

15. Nail clipper

16. Pens

17. Tape measure

18. Chopsticks in a holder I made (Sorry, Mom. Yours was too small & wouldn't stay closed)

19. Hand santizer

20. Allergy tablets for R

21. Bath & Body Works hand lotions

22. Loose dollars that really should be in my wallet, but if they're at the bottom of my bag, I can't find them and spend them!

23. Loose change I was too lazy to put in my wallet

24. Scissors (don't ask)

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