S told me I look a bit emotional (read:Emo)

I don't know what gave her that idea....


The view out my office door

Nice, huh?

Despite the unisex sign, this is the men's room I get to see when I look up from my computer.


Medicine Bottles

The shelves of vintage bottles I talked a little about here.

I love the way they look on the white shelves against the blue wall.  (The blue wall I did not like when we looked at the condo!)


Yeah. Sometimes I forget.

Every day before I leave work, I have to forward the phones to the owner Robert's cell.  Friday I did just that, but Robert wasn't recieving them.

Levi thought I forgot, so when I came in on Monday this sign was on my desk.  He said I had to leave it on my desk for three days as punishment.  He was hoping it would bother me, but I found it funny.

Turns out I did forward the calls.  

There was a problem with the phone system.