Dancing Flag

There are about 3 different routes I can take between home and work. One of those routes passes by a car dealership that has this ginormous flag out front.

It's difficult to get an idea of it's size, with nothing near it to compare, but believe me, it's big.

I've passed it several times and have noticed it waving in the wind. There is something balletic (not sure if that's a real word. If not, it is now!) about the way it moves in the wind. Because of it's size, it flows differently than the typical size flag.

Today was a nice windy day and I finally pulled into a parking lot to take some pictures. Old Glory was very co-operative, and performed some nice moves for me to capture.


  1. I know. I'll have to take a day & work on my blog, so I'll have to see if there is one I can add.