June Photo Challenge - Day 25 - Something You Made

I made this shelf in wood shop way back in the 8th grade.

Wood shop was a breeze for me. In fact, it was a little boring. The only thing that made it fun was I could rag on all the guys and had bragging rights. You see, the first thing our teacher had us do was name all the tools and machines. I was the only one in the class who could name every single one.

Thanks to Dad!

Dad had a wood shop above our garage where he built our entire kitchen, our stairs and banister, several pieces of furniture and taught us kids how to use every one of his tools and machines. I also had bragging rights for the semester because the shop teacher wouldn't let any of the boys use the ban saw. Only I could!!

When it came time to stain our shelves, I let everyone pick their stain first. While everyone was going for the mahogany, the pine or the cherry stains, I looked for the one stain that was the complete opposite. I had no clue what this one was called, all I knew is it was orange and not anything anyone else would ever choose.

Some things never change....

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